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Optimization and DSS for SC

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Intensive Programme (Summer School in JUL2012):
Proc. N. 08664/P PORTALE01/ERA10 IP 2011-2012

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  Optimization and DSS for SC


In the European or global levels, Decision Support Systems (DSS) are well known on Supply Chain (SC) context, conjugating data and intelligence, promoting the assumption of the best and possible decisions, and the uncertainty on forecast is adequate. Thus, the Optimization of discrete decisions on uncertain environment is a necessity and we address exact and approximation methods to promote the robustness of the discrete decisions, through risk technical measures.

Organizing committee:

João Miranda (IPP-PT), Henrique Matos (IST/UTL-PT), Sergio Rubio (UEX-ES)


Local committee at ESTG/IPP:

Hermelinda Carlos, João Miranda, José Rito, Margarida Coelho, Maria Piedade Alves, Maria Varadinov, Rosário Leal

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